Which is Better Coffee or Tea?

How many times have you walked into a diner, café or restaurant and the offer of coffee or tea is given for beverages? The choice is always there even on flights, the stewardess always asks, Coffee or Tea? Why even your best friend will ask you for your preference. In many countries, the general consensus is that tea and or coffee are two beverages of some importance. While not a 100% true, the population’s opinion is split on the matter.

Some people will tell you that tea is way more important that coffee and it offers health and medical benefits. Coffee on the other hand is more popular in the work place and provides most of the general population with that first blast of energy in the mornings. Thank God for Starbucks (My opinion only) So the debate continues.

There are some pros and cons for both of the beverages. Let’s start with Tea. Tea was discovered by the Chinese and scientist have proven that is does have some medicinal attributes, which can help with being tired. There are many flavors now available in the US, but it is more popular in Asia and Europe where drinking tea or having an afternoon tea is a proper social engagement. There are other attributes to tea as well. Mixed with a little honey or peppermint, it can sooth a sore throat. Green tea offers a cleansing of the system.

Coffee on the flip side gives the drinker a “fix” to shake off sleepiness or make them more alert, thanks to the caffeine. It took comes in lots of flavors or aromas, like Kona for instant. Ah! That smell of freshly brewed coffee! Or the smell that emanates from the package of coffee beans. Those consumers of coffee that are health conscious will opt for decaffeinated coffee which allows them to still enjoy the flavor minus the “fix”. Coffee is very popular across the United States and is considered to be an international beverage as well. Again, there are benefits in every cup.

It is hard to tell which is the more popular with today’s audience. Both tea and coffee has its own following of loyal fans. I prefer nice hot coffee generally, but also enjoy a cup of orange flavored tea with a little honey for those sore throat days.

So I guess the question is, “What is your cup?”


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