Vitamix Blender 5200 Series Review: Is It Worth The Buy?

Vitamix Blender 5200 Series Review

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If you are looking for a powerful Blender that you can use for all sorts of things – this is it. It’s powerful, it can be used for making smoothies with any type of ingredients (even nuts and peanuts) and it can also be used (although it’s not recommended to buy it for this in particular) to make juices. However, this is a blender designed for restaurant use, so although it’s powerful, it makes a lot of noise. It’s also pretty tall for a blender and it probably won’t fit the cabinets. If you’re okay with that, then the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender is the perfect model for you! May you like to read more best blender for making green smoothies.

A war machine in your kitchen…

Let’s talk about the thing that bothers most customers: the size and the noise it makes. Although there are many good things about the Blender, there have to be a couple negative ones as well. Compared to the benefits this particular model brings, it is nothing, but some people can definitely be annoyed by the noise and the size of it.

Usually, blenders are built as small as possible and although they can make a lot of noise, they are not as bad as the Vitamix 5200. Due to the fact that it’s a big machine built for restaurants where a powerful motor is required that will last for a lifetime, it is very noisy and heavy. This means that the machine is very powerful, but with its power come great benefits and lots of bad things as well. It’s good because it can be used for any type of ingredients, but it’s bad because in a normal household, it will sound like a war machine once you turn it on.

Bottom line is, the Vitamix 5200 is very loud. The benefits of using this particular model are obvious, but if you don’t want the whole family to know when you use it, you might want to choose a different model.

Pros: Pros: Perfect for Smoothies! This model works perfectly for smoothies and any type of juices in general. It comes with a DVD and a recipe book that will teach you just how to work with it. On top of that, the Vitamix 5200 works perfectly with nuts and peanuts. The cleaning part is a bonus – all you have to do is add water and a bit of soup and in 30 seconds, voila! It’s clean!
Cons: It’s a large machine. With the top on, it barely fits the cabinets. Besides, it makes a lot of noise, but generally, you won’t need to use it for longer than a few minutes.

Good news now! The blending

Compared to other blenders, the Vitamix 5200 is perfect because it can be used for any type of ingredients. It can be used to make smoothies and some actually say it can be used for juices (depending whether you like thick juices or not). It works perfectly for any type of fruit and usually, you don’t have to use it for more than 30 seconds at a time.

This new model brings a lot of the new features compared to older one. The 2 peak horsepower motor is very efficient for smashing fruits with a hard exterior and the radial cooling fan makes sure it doesn’t get overheated. The accelerator tool comes with a specially designed collar that helps prevent the tool from hitting the blades, which means the thicker mixtures are easily processed.

However, like I mentioned before, the Vitamix 5200 comes with a powerful engine and all sorts of powerful components destined to last a lifetime and to process all sorts of fruits that usually destroy normal blenders but this also means that it makes a lot of noise and it’s quite tall and heavy.

The design

Motor: Horsepower, 120 volt, 60 Hz, 11.5 amps;

Dimensions: 13 x 17 x 15 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

Features: Variable speed control, spill proof lid with a removable lid plug, high speed setting

  1. The Vitamix 5200 series Blender looks beautiful. It comes in different colors and although it is quite large, it’s aesthetically pleasing for the eye.
  2. The blender works perfectly with any type of fruits and it’s very useful in any kitchen.

Ergonomics: The blender is rather big and sometimes can be a little harder to deal with, especially considering the power of the motor.

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So what’s the bottom line?

Long story short, the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender is a great tool for anybody. The power of the motor and all the features it offers are great, although for somebody that doesn’t like heavy things, it won’t probably be the best choice. The price is rather high, because not everybody can afford a $400 Blender, but the benefits are clear. You can use it for any type of fruits to create smoothies and all the components are designed to last for a lifetime. Read more Vitamix 5200 reviews directly from Amazon customers who have purchased the product before.

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Breville Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews

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The Breville Blenders are some of the best blenders on the market. With many useful features that make it very easy to work on and understand and with a beautiful modern looking design, it is perfect for any household. The name of blender, “Hemisphere Control” comes from the permanent hemisphere bowl and the blade system that contains central blades that draw down all the pieces of fruits to the wide sweeping blades that hug the bottom of the jar. The blades are connected to a motor with 5 speeds plus a pulse feature. The blender is very light in weight and can be easily carried around. The downside is however, that it can’t be used on a daily basis, because the motor tends to give out if it is overused.

Watch your smoothies through fog

There is no question that the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is one of the best blenders available. The many features it has turn into a great machine fit for any type of person or family. However, not all’s well with this blender.

One of the main disadvantages after purchasing this blender is the fact that it’s not built to last a lifetime, like others are. The plastic components and the rather weak motor are the downsides of this particular model. After extensive use, although the blender can be cleaned quite easily, the plastic jar will get foggy and it will be hard to see the actual blending process. Also, if you plan on using this blender for more than a year, you should look for a different model. The motor is quite weak and tends to break down after a while.

Although these can be bad things, keep in mind that this Breville blender is one of the best on the market for that price.

Off to the good things now!

Although the motor can be quite weak, I have to mention that the Hemisphere Control Blender brings many new features that make it one of the best on the market.

One of these features is the way the blades system is set up. There are central blades in the jar and that makes the blending experience way easier than in other blenders. These central blades make sure that no large chunk of fruit goes on the top. Instead, they drag it down to the bottom blades that crush it. The design is beautiful and you can buy it in many colors, which only enhance how beautiful this blender is. The LCD timer is another beautiful and useful, since you can see the speeds of the blender on it. Breville also has illuminated buttons which makes using this blender at night very easy and it has a pre-programmed Ice Crush and Smoothie Settings, which automatically alter the speeds in order to prepare the perfect smoothie.

Breville BBL605XL Design

Motor: electronic 5 speed motor plus a pulse feature

Dimensions: 6.5 x 8 x 17 inches

Weight: 8.4 pounds

Aesthetics: The beautiful design of the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is one of its strong points. The illuminated buttons and the LCD screen make it a very modern-looking tool that will look gorgeous in your kitchen.

Functionality: The blade system does a great job at crushing all the pieces of fruits that you throw in it, be them fresh or frozen. Although the motor might have a small problem with durability, it can be overlooked.

Ergonomics: It’s very easy to use and the pre-programmed settings are very useful for somebody that doesn’t know how to work on a blender.

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So what’s the bottom line?

Long story short, the Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender is a great acquisition. The beautiful design is one of its strong points. The blade system is a very useful feature, since it makes sure that all the fruits are crushed perfectly to create the perfect drink or smoothie. Although the motor might have a slight problem and the jar might turn foggy after extensive use, it’s a great blender and it will definitely make your kitchen look more beautiful, while t the same time, giving you a healthier lifestyle!

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