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Blenders are mankind’s greatest kitchen invention, after the bread and the juicers. You can use blenders to make anything, from cappuccinos and hot chocolate, to refreshing smoothies and juices. Blenders can definitely improve your lifestyle due to the many nutritious juices and smoothies you can prepare using fruits and vegetables you bought at the local store or the ones you grew in your back garden. There are some blenders that even specialize making sure the pulp is crushed so well, that all the seeds and the nutritious ingredients flood the final

I have comprised a list here with the best blender for smoothies rated in 2017. Many factors were taken into consideration, including their popularity on the market, design, functionality and many more. So, without further ado, here are the top blenders of 2017:

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend 2 Speed Blender

It’s no surprise that a Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend is one of the best blenders of the year. It’s widely known that they are durable, perfect for any type of fruits and vegetables you will throw at it and it looks beautiful.


Motor: 2 peak horsepower

Blade: stainless steel blades that can cut through anything

Weight: 10 pounds

The Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend is one of the top rated blenders on the market. The powerful 2 peak horsepower motor combined with the stainless steel blades can cut through anything, including ice and peanuts. Although the blender is quite tall and will probably not be able to fit any of your cabinets, the design is modern-looking and then again, when you have such a monster in your kitchen that replaces several other appliances, do you really care about the design? The Vitamix is one of the best blenders you can find on the market and if you’re willing to spend up to $400 on it, you will not be disappointed.

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The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville blenders are some of the best on the market today, thanks to the many features they offer and the beautiful design they offer their customers.


Motor: 750 watt with 5 speeds which include ice crushing and a specific smoothie mixing;

Blade: Hemispheric blade system that allows the mix to be blended evenly;

Weight: 11 pounds

The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender is one of the top rated blenders on the market. The beautiful modern design with the illuminated buttons, the LCD timer and the pre-programmed ice and smoothie settings make it a beautiful household item that will match any kitchen. The hemispheric blade system pulls down all the fruits and vegetables and blends everything evenly. It is definitely one of the best blenders ever created! And the last good thing about it: it costs under $200

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Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja blenders are very good for those that do not have such a big budget for a new blender. It’s cheap (under $120) it blends perfectly and it has many useful features.


Motor: 1000 watt with 3 speeds and 6 blades

Blade: 6 blades using the Total Crushing Technology

Weight: 8.7 pounds

The Ninja Professional Blender is a very cheap, yet useful blender to have in your kitchen. Besides the fact that the modern look and its lightweight make it very appealing to the eye, it has all sorts of features that make it one of the best. This includes the Total Crushing Technology which crushes ice very easily and the final mix will be blended to smoothie consistency. This Professional Blender is not designed solely for smoothies; it can also be used for making soups, hot chocolate, purees or emulsifying the food. It’s easy to use, it looks great in any kitchen, it’s small, lightweight and it makes great smoothies. What else could you want from a blender?

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Oster Counterforms Blender

The Oster Counterforms Blender is one of the cheapest, yet great blenders out there. If you don’t have $400 for a new Vitamix, you can always try the Oster. It’s cheap, it’s great for any type of foods, from soups, hot chocolate, purees to smoothies, and it looks great in any kitchen.


Motor: 600 watts

Blade: stainless steel with the “Ice Crusher” technology

Weight:  9.2 pounds

The Oster Counterforms blender is currently one of the most popular blenders on the market due to the useful features and the low price. The 600 watts motor together with the “Ice Crusher” stainless steel blades makes the blending experience a very easy one for any type of fruits. One of the most useful features of this blender is the fact that it can be used at any temperature, thanks to the glass jar that has been thermal shock tested and therefore it can withstand any type of temperature changes. Long story short, this blender is cheap (under $60) it looks great thanks to the modern design and it can blend everything perfectly. It’s one of the best counter top blenders in 2017 to make your money worthy.


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